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TDS 3: Writer’s Block

TDS 3: Writer’s Block

August 20, 2009

ACT 1: Dealing with writer's block.

ACT 2: District 9 review with Mike Nayyar.

ACT 3: Premium TV verses cable? You decided!

TDS 2: The Dork Knight

TDS 2: The Dork Knight

August 14, 2009

Welcome to the second episode of The Disgruntled Screenwriter!

ACT 1: Outlines, Do You Use 'Em?

ACT 2: A Deeper Look Into The Dark Knight

ACT 3: Very Important Questions About Screenwriting via CW

TDS 1: The Pilot

TDS 1: The Pilot

August 5, 2009

The pilot episode of The Disgruntled Screenwriter!

ACT 1: How To Start A Screenplay ACT 2: A mini review of (500) Days of Summer ACT 3: Eventually a part of the podcast where discussion happens.

Want to get in on the action or share your thoughts for future episodes? Tweet me at @GRRRscreenplay or GV me at 773-980-ZOMG

Introductory Post, and Purpose

Introductory Post, and Purpose

July 24, 2009

Hello there. My name is Jonathan and I'm the best screenwriter alive. You're probably asking yourself why an amazing fellow such as myself thinks he can create an authoritative podcast about the craft of screenwriting when he himself hasn't sold a single script yet. To that, I have two responses: 1) Go to hell, and 2) I'm working on it...sheesh.

The purpose of this podcast is to really take a look into what it takes to write a good script as well as a lot of the issues that pop up after page 1. Screenwriting is not as simple as it sounds and there are a lot of differing opinions on how to write "a good script." Naturally, my way is the correct way and if anyone says any differently they can eat my shorts.

The Inaugural First Episode will air next Wednesday (29th) at noon CST. Be there, or be an idiot.

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